Mixed Martial Arts + CrossFit = FUN!

CrossFit Striking is a 6-week, high-paced, specialty class brought to you exclusively at CrossFit Oracle. It is designed to increase overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into our workouts. You will learn proper technique by using shadow boxing, focus mitts, kick shields and a heavy bag. All levels of experience are welcome, and no previous striking/fighting/martial arts experience is necessary because we teach you here! If you have wraps and gloves, bring them. If not, we have extra wraps and gloves for you to use.

Certified CrossFit Striking Program

Did you know CrossFit Oracle is the only CrossFit box in San Diego County who has a Certified Coached CrossFit Striking program?

Our Striking program consists of up-to-date/cutting edge technical training, drills, and conditioning. Most importantly, we take safety very seriously; you can’t train if you’re constantly injured. State of the art equipment, supervision from Certified and knowledgeable coaches, and training methods are strictly used and followed at our box.

Fun and Fitness

That’s right, it’s fun! It’s a supercharged workout that goes beyond training like a fighter! It is non-contact so you won’t be punching anyone in the face but you can bet that you will be punching bags – hard! We provide a high-energy, supportive and inclusive environment to get the best whole-body workout in one hour. Our athletes burn on average between 400 – 750 calories!


Punch and Kick to Total Fitness

We are the premier body-weight/striking conditioning program for everyone! You don’t need to be great to start, you just need to start! We know the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym, that’s why once you’re here, you don’t need to think and worry about what you will do. We have everything programmed for you already!

What is a Striking workout like?

We start with a warm-up, then work on the mobility required to initiate the punches and kicks, teach you drills to learn how to use your hips to generate power throughout each movement, and then give you enough combos in the workout so that your arms and legs feel like jell-o, while keeping you begging for more!

See the Difference

See the difference not only in yourself, but also the difference in our programming, our coaching, equipment, and our people! Every class you will be learning something new and doing a different workout. Learn from our highly skilled Coaches and have the best workout of your day with the best people in the South Bay! Our fun and welcoming athletes are what makes us complete. Come and be a part of it!

2019 Session Dates

February 28

April 1

June 17

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CrossFit Workshop: Striking

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June 17 - July 26

Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/Thursdays 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


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